Tuesday, December 28, 2010


                                                            (Ronald Hunkeler Today?)

Ok, here we have a photograph purporting to show Ronald Hunkeler as to how he looks in modern times.   When I compare to this to his 1954 high school photo, the characteristics and facial features appear to me as if they are the same person.  I could well be wrong about this, though.  I will attempt to verify this as much as I can and see what turns up. 

Trying to enlarge this photo only distorts it, so for now this is the largest it can be.  Perhaps one of you out there has a program that will get around this problem. 

Once again, thank you to Andy Black for finding this and letting me know about it.  I think that as time goes on we may be able to learn more about Ronnie’s post-exorcism life and as/if I do so, I will share with you what I can. 


  1. What is the use of all this talk about fanatic priests that performed a fake exorcism.

  2. So called demonologists should or agree to have their email posted "dukes2352..."if they can't take taking email responses from intelligent level headed people that know the 1949 possession case is a fraud. Just like the real priests than film their exorcisms and post them online or the embarrassing one that aired on 20/20 in the early 90's.

    1. Maybe they'd respond more civilly if they weren't called frauds, w/o the opportunity for real debate and discussion. Intelligent and level headed people don't simply call names and then run away, do they? Is that our new norm for intelligent debate? I pray not.

  3. I'm not running away from anything you have my email. You so called "part time" demonologists or any others that deal in the supernatural can't back up anything you say. All we get are fabrications like this 1949 exorcism case. How hypocrite you are after blocking me you tried to get me into a porn site using my name & email.
    What has been proven with all these supernatural stories is they are made to grab attention & make money off books,tv shows & movies.
    Maybe next time priests or nuns are charge with killing someone after a exorcism you can try & testify in court to save them from being convicted as they were. Please people are not as stupid & ignorant as the older days.

  4. Just look at the facts here. If this alleged diary was real do you truly think that the church would have just let it loose for anyone to see or be given away with a purchase of the haunted boy dvd?
    If so this would mean the church,priests/exorcists have no respect for there own taken vows/oath. It would be like spreading your confessions all over for everyone to hear,see or read.
    Author William Peter Blatty stated that before the book & movie the exorcist he asked the cardinal of st.louis,Missouri if he could see the diary & they said NO! we have sworn secrecy & confidentiality to the family of the boy.
    So now this alleged diary is for anyone to see on the internet & comes with the purchase of the movie the haunted boy from
    So as the cardinal of st.louis allegedly told Blatty that this diary was sworn to secrecy & confidentiality why would it now be all over & all the details of the family including there names have now all been revealed to anyone that does a simply google search?
    There is no doubt in my mind that the condition of this boy was exploited for newspaper sensationalism & later for monetary gain with books & movies.
    Sure this is all a great horror story but people need to stop obsessing about was is not fact & embarrass what the catholic church still has left of credibility.

    1. According to Blatty he wrote the novel based on the newspaper stories & what he heard from people not involved in the 1949 case,so basically the novel was done on rumors of the alleged incident.
      Blatty then stated after the novel was done he received a big brown envelope with a letter from a monk of the alexian brothers at the alexian brothers hospital in st.louis who was part of this exorcism and said "this was found in the bedside table of one of our brothers who past away recently..." it was the xerox copy of the diary.

      I find Blatty's statement on how I got this alleged diary to be none credible. I don't believe that the church or the exorcist father Bowdern would have been so careless & irresponsible to have xerox copies of such a secret,sensitive & confidential diary for a monk to have in his bedside table,& this other monk simply send a copy to a book writer after the death of his brother monk.

      This diary circulating all over the place is a fabricated fraud.

    2. Also Blatty said that he contacted the exorcist of the 1949 case father William Bowdern for help/information and Blatty alleged receiving a letter from father Bowdern that closed with "I'm sorry.But I want to help you. I think a lot of good could be done for alot of people if they knew what happened. But I can't."

      Again this is all very questionable allegations,but still a very powerful letter from a exorcist that performed a alleged exorcism in 1949. I really don't see why father Bowdern would have even replied to such information request and close his letter with those statements.
      If in fact father Bowdern did write this letter of response to Blatty & he acknowledge receiving this letter and makes mention of this powerful closing statements,I don't see any reasons for Blatty not to disclose it to the public as the monk allegedly did with the diary.
      I think like many involved in these allegations Blatty is only looking out for himself & milking all the monetary gain he can from this goldmine the exorcist story.

    3. I carefully read again the alleged diary & cover letter that is on the Georgia pain & behavioral Web site.
      This is NOT a diary it is a person telling a story,not the exorcist writing down a journal/diary. Anyone could have written this.
      And I have never heard anyone from the catholic church validate the authenticity of these documents or approve its release to the public along with the personal information.
      Only fanatic fools will believe this is real.

    4. I doesn't make sense to me that if all of this was true & Roland Hunkeler's name was revealed in this case & alleged diary posted on the web resulting in receiving a phone call,have someone knock on his door & have someone confront him in his driveway,l would clearly look into a law suit after being irresponsibly outed.
      I believe R.H. has possibly received monetary compassion for the use of his story that made hundreds of millions & still going,the reason R.H. is not bothered or saying anything in this matter.

      I know I would sure not let people exploit me using my story & name to make hundreds of millions without compensation & if so I would speak up. I don't know of anyone that would let themselves be exploited or used like this & get nothing out of it.

    5. I read this alleged 1949 diary & considering other exorcism cases that ended in death such as Anneliese Michel at the age of 23 in 1976,I was discussed to read the abuse of this 13 years old boy in 1949.
      It is stated in this alleged diary that many hospitals refused to take the boy because of of a exorcism.
      1-a psychiatrist declared R normal.
      2-a physician found him normal-but high strung.
      Abuse on the boy:
      1-a minister slept in the same bed with R. Very inappropriate!
      2-march 17,several sharp slaps on the boy's face-father Bishop.
      3-April 3,it was hard to quiet R by any means but a pillow in his face.
      4-April 10,R went into a good sleep. Fathers decided to awaken him. R was so fatigued-it was it was hopeless to keep him awake seconds at a time.
      5-April 17,father Widman,hospital chaplain made 3 unsuccessful attempts to give R communion,after slapping of R the 4th attempt.
      6-he had threatened to kill those who molested him while in his seizure.
      No wonder the church will not acknowledge this alleged diary,it is disgusting what this 13 year old was put through.

    6. Ever noticed in this diary once the kid got into that alexian brothers hospital all the supernatural events stopped.
      Yes it is clear that this boy's family lied,fabricated & hoaxed all of the flying fruit & chairs etc.....

  5. I grew up in Mt. Rainer and the bunker hill house was the home of the family I question. I was baptised by the Lutheren priest who was called to see Ronald when hiss issues started. He had a huge scar on his arm where Ronald cut him with the bed spring.

  6. 3-4 years ago travel channel's famous paranormal show ghost adventures lead by Zak Bagans made a documentary and investigation in the exorcist house, and they managed to get some chilling evps(electric voice phenomenon) and they claimed it the demon has returned.. So what you think about it? The documentary is on YouTube..