Monday, November 22, 2010


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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to receive an e-mail from Mr. Andrew Black.  He’d done better digging than I had on the NASA website initially and came up with a Goddard Space Center newsletter.  It  features a picture, in profile, of Ronnie doing working with foam of some kind.  This is really before anyone, but for a small group of people, knew anything of his past.

I’m only posting the page with Ronnie’s picture on it.  If you want to see the whole thing, go to:

Interesting pic because this is the first photo I’ve seen of Ronnie with dark hair. 

The newsletter is dated July 27, 1964.  At this point we were two years past John Glenn’s historic “Space Walk” and only four years away from the first man on the moon.  Ronnie had a hand in this as well.

Thanks, Andy, for your kindness in hipping me to this.  Keep up the good work.

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